EMT Certification

The first step in becoming an EMT is to find a program that is reputable. Our EMT course adheres to the highest standard in the industry. Emergency Medical TechnicianWe prepare our Graduates to challenge the National Registry Exam.

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AEMT Certification

The Advanced EMT Certification is the next level above the Emergency Medical Technician. You must attend the EMT programAdvanced EMT prior to attending the AEMT course. You can transition from the EMT to the AEMT.

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Paramedic Certification

The Paramedic Certification is the next level above the Advanced EMT. As a Paramedic, you will ultimately be in charge of all Emergency ParamedicCare that is rendered to the patient. A career as a Paramedic is very rewarding.

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EMT and AEMT course registration available today:

We allow students to pre-register for the Emergency Medical Technician course in order to build the roster. When the EMT enrollment has a minimum of 12 students, we notify each of you by phone or email and class begins within 30 days. Nationally Registered EMT

The Advanced EMT program works in a similar manner as well. The roster must have a minimum of 12 students for the course prior to its start date. We will notify you by phone or email and class will begin within 30 days.

The Paramedic certification course will be offered by the end of 2014. Currently, we are finalizing all the necessary requirements in order to deliver the program. Please contact us for further information.