AEMT Course

The Advanced EMT Course is 12 weeks long. Class will meet on Saturdays at 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. – Clinical 3rd rides as well as psychomotor skills will be accomplished within this 12 week time frame. There will be a total of 12 classes and none of these classes may be missed in order to successfully complete the AEMT course.

Should anyone miss one of these 12 class dates, the student will have to pay an adjunct instructor ($40 an hour). This is an “out of pocket expense” for the student. The instructor will teach the eight hours of skills that were missed. Meaning, the student will incur a cost of $320.00 dollars.

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As an Advanced EMT, you will be in command of all EMTs who render care on the scene of an emergency. The AEMT certification requires you to have a greater depth of understanding in all things related to pre-hospital emergency medicine. The administration of intravenous fluids, medications and life saving airway maneuvers is the core component when it comes to being an AEMT.

Advanced EMTs function at the intermediary level when viewed from a ranking perspective. The Paramedic is first and foremost in charge, then the AEMT and then the EMT. However, due to the lack of Paramedics, AEMTs are in high demand throughout the United States. Many states utilize more AEMTs than Paramedics from a ratio perspective.

nremt_logoThe Advanced Emergency Medical Technician course is offered throughout the calendar year. Our course roster fills relatively quick due to the demand. In order to ascertain a seat in the program, you may need to register in advance for the course.

In addition, fire departments hire EMTs without any problems or concerns. With that said, lets say you are trying to get hired at a fire department located in a major city. An AEMT will have presidence over an EMT in the hiring process.

The AEMT certification course places you in the drivers seat when it comes time to attend the Paramedic program. Not to say that you have to go to medic school, but it will prepare you to enter the course with a greater understanding of the fundamentals necessary to progress to the next level.

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