EMT Course

The Emergency Medical Technician Course is 12 weeks long. Clinical 3rd rides, psychomotor skills and all test will be completed in this time frame. All lectures are administered via the Jones and Bartlett online learning management system. Class time will be for psychomotor skills and clinical competency exams.

You must be dedicated and disciplined in order to take our EMT Course. We will help you every way possible to be successful. However, we do not give into excuses, whiners or individuals who are lazy or complacent. With that said, if you are motivated and ready to make a career change, then we are ready for you to be our EMT student.

The EMT student, you cannot miss any of the 12 days that are set in the schedule. If for any reason you miss a day, the student is required to make-up the lessons that were missed. The fee for an EMT Instructor is $40.00 dollars an hour for a minimum of eight hours. Meaning, the student will incur an out of pocket cost of $320.00 dollars. No excuses accepted.

emt-logoAs an EMT, you will render care to the sick and injured in the pre-hospital setting. Whether it is controlling massive hemorrhage or initiating CPR  on the cardiac arrest victim, being an Emergency Medical Technician is very exciting. Lives will be on the line so to speak and you will be responsible for rendering the appropriate life saving care.

Everyday is absolutely different than the day before. There is no such thing as a monotonous work environment. Most EMTs work for fire departments which allows them the opportunity to become a Fire Fighter as well. There will be shifts where you render aid to the sick and injured and shifts where you fight fire every other call.

The Emergency Medical Technician course is the entry level for professional EMS providers. Many potential applicants desire to go directly to Paramedic school, however, this isn’t possible. The National Registry of EMTs require all individuals to progress through their EMS credentials and upgrades in a chronological order.

From EMT to AEMT and onto Paramedic. This chronological progression ensures continuity and reiteration of the core fundamentals required to become and function as a successful pre-hospital care provider. There are some programs that allow you to “Fast-Track” thru their course, however, we see these students struggle when they enter the EMS community.Life Flight Helicopter

Remember, there are no shortcuts for becoming an awesome EMT, Advanced EMT or Paramedic. We require a great deal from our students and we hold you guys to a higher standard. Lives are on the line and if you make the wrong decision, people suffer or even worse, they die.

Call today and see if the Georgia EMT Certification Course is right for You.