Paramedic Course

As a Paramedic, you will be theĀ  Medical Officer in Charge on all medical and trauma incidents. The EMT and the AEMT will fall under your leadership and guidance. The majority of all senior personnel at fire departments posses the Paramedic certification. Therefore, you will need to obtain your Paramedic certification if you desire to become an officer.

The Paramedic renders Advanced Cardiac Life Support care to the pre-hospital patient. Insertion of advanced airway devices help the patient to have a greater chance of survival. The administration of Epinephrine, Amiodarone, Lidocaine and Mag Sulfate are just a few of the medications that you will be required to utilize.

Paramedic CertificationAir Ambulance Operations use Paramedics only. The high acuity of care rendered in air medical transport is imperative to maintain the patient’s vital signs.

Not to mention, that these flights can take you around the world in a very short period of time. For those seeking to work on Emory Flight, you will need to become a Paramedic.

Upon completion of the Paramedic Course, you will need to challenge to the NREMT Exam. This exam is comprised of a cognitive exam as well as a motor skills evaluation. Those individuals who do not apply themselves while in the Paramedic Program more often than not have major difficulty passing the NREMT-P exam.

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